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The guests of one of the most beautiful restaurants of the city can contemplate the unique scenary of Ortigia‘s Baroque square, in the shade of the doric columns of Athena’s Temple.

It is the historical Roma Restaurant.
Gentle taste and flavors from the Sicilian land and sea melt together to give you an authentic experience, leaning towards the future but still connected to the past.

Intimate atmosphere, warm welcome.

The Roma Restaurant combines tradition, simplicity, passion for cooking and continuous inspiration in an harmony of flavours.
The careful choice of fresh raw materials, combined with the wisdom of our Chef, will endow you with an exciting and refined tasting experience.


A wide range and an accurate selection of raw materials, products at 0km , DOP cheese, vegetables and fruit, from organic farming, treated without additives.


A fusion of sobriety and passion creates the "liquid soul" of our restaurant: with our selection of local wine, you'll find the perfect pairing to complete your dining experience and the pleasure of a glass in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.


Seasonality and research of the best product are the basis of our menu: harmonious contrasts that will tell you our story, of a land where the sea marries the earth. Book your table The Sicilian tradition meets the excellence.

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The goodness of the Sicilian tradition in search of excellence.



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Hotel Roma Siracusa **** nel cuore dell'isola di Ortigia.